National Flag of the Templar Kingdom

The sovereign territories of the Templar Kingdom are arranged in VII (seven) autonomous Dominiums, these are arranged as follows: there are II (two) Princedoms and V (five) Diocese, all VII (seven) which are subdivided into Rittermarks. Here below follows a list of all Princedoms, Diocese and Rittermarks(*).

Princedoms are obviously ruled by a Prince, Diocese are ruled by a Doge, and Rittermarks are ruled by Paladins or Knights.  A Prince and a Doge can also be at the same time, a paladin or Knight of one of the Rittermarks, which is under the control of his/her Princesdom or his/her Diocese.

Here you can find all Rittermarks and other territories:

+ The seat of this Rittermark is not open for request, this seat can only be assigned to you by HRH the Hand of the King.

(*) A Rittermark is a very medieval term for an administrative region comparible to a county, that is under the power of a Ritter or Paladin. Composition of the word:

  • Ritter - Knight ( from the german)
  • Mark - a plot (of land), lay out of a piece of land.


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