Rittermark Aridia

Rittermark of St. Joseph of Arimathea ©

Rittermark of Arimathea.

full name: Rittermark of St. Joseph of Arimathea (short name: Aridia).

Formerly known, Iridia (not to be confused with fantasy empire of Iridia) got renamed Aridia, to get rid of the same name confusion. the micronation was in the south East of Spain in the territory of Murcia. Neighbouring Timeria and Sarre. Founded by rebel citizens of Timeria, who broke away from the mother nation, being discontent with the change of government, that from Kingdom to Republic.

On 25 march 2012, Aridia disintegrated and got incorporated in the V Republic of Timeria. On 27-XI-894/2012 Aridia got incorporated as Protectorate Principalities in the Union Beaulosagñese, On the 12th IV-895/2013, Iridia got renamed Protectorate Principality of Saint Joseph of Arimathea (aka: Aridia). The flag has the Holy Grail, since, according to legend, Joseph of Arimathea was the first Grail Keeper.

On 14th II-895/2014 St. Joseph of Arimathea became a Rittermark of the Templar Kingdom]


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