Rittermark of Valkyria ©

Rittermark of Valkyria (Zerzura), was a micronation in the south East of Spain in the territory of Murcia. Neighbouring Timeria Timeria and Sarre. Founded by rebel citizens of Timeria, who broke away from the mother nation, being discontent with the change of gouverment, that from Kingdom to Republic.

On 25 march 2012, Zerzura disinterated and got incorporated again in the V Republic of Timeria. When Timeria and Sarre on 08-XI-894/2012 got incorporated as Protectorate Principalities in the Commonwealth of Beaulosagñe, Zerzura pleaded for independance for Timeria. Beaulosagñe granted this and thus formed the Protectorate Principality of Zerzura. On the 13th XI-894/2012, Zerzura got renamed Protectorate Principality of Valkyria and on 14th II-895/2014, Vakyria became the Rittermak of Valkyria.

Flag: the two crosses mean that the rittermark is made up out of two crown possestions, the crown represents that the rittermark at one time was sovereign, the blue stands for the sea.

Currency:  Valkyria had the Zerzura Dinar which got discontinued in 02-XI-894/2012, when the defunct nation became a protectorate of the Kingdom.

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