The Royal Mint is the offical producer of the coins, stamps and Banknotes of the Templar Kingdom. The Royal Mint is in under direct control by the Templar Kingdom goverment. Head of the Royal Mint is the Arch-Duke.

At times the Royal Mint does print banknotes for other micronations, but does not design them for them.

Royal Mint has the following duties:

  • design the coins
  • design the stamps
  • design the banknotes
  • minting the coins
  • printing the stamps
  • printing the banknotes
  • transport the stamps to the Post Templarii postoffice

the Sovereign Templar Crown stays in the vaults of the Royal Mint untill Banc Templarii has returned the old torn banknotes back to the Royal Mint. Then new notes will be made ready for shipment

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